Ultrasound Technician Schools

Ultrasound Technician Schools

Is The Job Of An Ultrasound Technician For You?

There is little doubt that job opportunities in the medical field are growing at an astonishing rate and will continue to do so for at least the next six years, which is good news for those people who are considering a career in the medical field in Santa Clara, CA. Best of all, there are far more options for job opportunities in the health care field than becoming a doctor or nurse. One of the fastest growing opportunities in health care today, is a career as an ultrasound technician, but is this a career choice that is right for your? This article, will give you all the information you need, to make an informed decision about whether or not becoming an ultra sound technician is the right career for you.

Ultrasound Technician Schools in US
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Ultrasound Technician Schools near Santa Clara, CA

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Basic Personal Skills

The first thing you need to do is determine whether or not you have the basic necessary personal skills to even consider a career as an ultra sound technician. While this job is not mental stressful, a person does need to have good physical strength and stamina to become an ultrasound technician as you will sometimes be working long hours, spending most of your time standing and often lifting and moving patients. So if you don't have at least moderate physical strength and stamina you may find this job too physical difficult to do over a long period of time.

Santa Clara Ultrasound technicians also need to have good hand/eye coordination and good eyesight as you will have to move a transducer to around on the patients body while watching a display screen. In addition, you will often find yourself working in low light environments while having to capture “picture” on a black and white screen so you will need to have adequate vision and hand eye coordination to accomplish these tasks.

Last of all, you need to person that enjoys working with people and who has good interpersonal communication skills, because not only will you be working directly with patients many who are feeling poorly or are nervous, but also with doctors and other medical staff, so you will definitely need a willing bedside manner and the ability to communicate clearly and compassionately.

Overview of An Ultrasound Technician in California

In order to decide if having a career as an ultrasound technician is something you really want, you need to understand what an ultrasound technician is. This general overview will give you some idea of just how valuable these people are to the medical community.

California Ultrasound technician who is also called a medical sonographer operates special equipment that uses sound waves to form a picture of what is happening inside a patients body. These pictures help doctors to diagnosis the cause of problems that patients are experiencing or help to monitor a patient's progress without using invasive procedures to do so. Most Santa Clara sonographers tend to specialize in certain area of medicine such as:

  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Abdominal
  • Neuro
  • Vascular
  • Cardiac
Some ultrasound technicians specialize and begin working in one field and then specialize in other fields to increase their knowledge, skills, and employment options as well as their chances of advancement.


Most but not all Ultrasound technicians get their training through an Santa Clara institution of higher learning, either online or in a classroom setting. To begin training for this career you a high school diploma or the equivalent and should make sure that you attend a program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education, to ensure you get the proper training necessary to work in this field.

Most California training programs offer you the choice of either an Associate or Bachelors degree in Ultra sound classes will include such subjects as anatomy, Physiology, Instrumentation, Physics, medical ethics and patient care. You will be expected to complete both classroom work, and supervised clinical training in which, you will actually perform the tasks you will use in a career as an ultrasound Technician.

If you have all ready been working in the medical field, and have some education and experience you may be able to get your sonograph training through on the job training or by taking part in a one year certificate program in Santa Clara.

Once you have completed training, you can increase your chances of finding gainful employment by becoming certified by the American Registry for Diagnostic medical sonography. Certification is given by successfully completely a test given by this organization.

Sonographer's Duties

Once you have completed your program and been hired as sonographer, your duties will include:

  • Explaining the procedure to patients, and helping them feel at ease.
  • Selecting the appropriate equipment
  • Directing and helping patients move into various position that will provide the best view for the sonograph.
  • Identifying subtle visual clues that differentiates healthy areas from areas that may be less healthy.
  • Using a transducer
  • Taking measurements, calculating values, and analyzing results in preliminary finding for the physician.
  • Deciding whether images are clear enough for diagnostic purposes
  • Precessing and coding film, videotape, images or prints from the ultrasound and documenting them for the interpretation by physician.
You may also be required to maintain equipment, keep patient records, and help order necessary equipment.

Job Opportunities

It has been predicted that job opportunities for ultrasound technicians in California will continue to grow over the next 6 years. With experts predicting a few years ago that their would be 23,500 new job openings for sonographers between 2010 and 2020 and so far, these figures are on target.

Trained ultrasound technicians in Santa Clara have little trouble finding employment immediately after being certified and while 50% of these jobs are in hospital settings, you can also find employment in doctor's offices, medical and diagnostic labs, and even outpatient care centers.

Cost of Training And Salary

The cost of training for an associate degree in sonography can run anywhere from $6000 or $7000 at community college for residents to $22,000 for non residents and up to around $36,000 to $40,000 for accredited programs at a technical school. Online courses may be somewhat less. Considering the average salary for a ultrasound technician in Santa Clara, California is around $64,000 per year or $27.50 per hour the investment in training is well worth the rewards.

However, do keep in mind, the actually salary you make will depend on the area of country you choose to work, your specialty, whether you would in a physicians office or a hospital, and even the size of medical practice you work in. Areas that desperately need your skills are likely to pay higher wages than areas where there is less need.

A career as an ultra sound technician can be highly rewarding, and offer you job security for many years to come.

Ultrasound Technician Schools near Santa Clara, CA
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